Car Accidents

Damages in Israel

the basic you need to know

How soon should an accident in Israel be reported?

It is advisable not to report before consulting with an attorney. First, for fear that the police will be indicted for causing an accident. Second, that the police file will be visible to the insurance company later.

Should you report to the police?

It is worth reporting to the police about a car accident but not before consulting. why?

A. Because it is mandatory by law to report.

B. That the police will assist in the documentation and collection of evidence.

For example, if the driver involved escapes from the scene of the accident and has difficulty locating it, Police are also assisting with pedestrian injuries. In these cases, the insurance company doubt the accident. There are signs of damage in car by car accidents, but with pedestrians this is not always the case. If the police are investigating, there will be a police file and the full evidence that will make them pay.

To report to the police online:

An accident on the way to work

An accident on the way to work allows you to apply for Social Security and receive compensation from them. This is a parallel claim for claiming the insurer with compulsory insurance. Applying for a paycheck (injury fee) is worthwhile right away. Her appeal for a disability claim by a committee could create an obstacle in a lawsuit against the insurer because the commission’s determination – with its not always generous doctors – also requires a lawsuit against the insurance company. Therefore, in any case, it is worth checking with an attorney to find out where to start.

What to do after a minor accident?

A minor accident is a trick. The examination in a fairly superficial hospital and the injured person will be mistaken to think that everything is fine. It is a mistake. It is worthwhile to continue to the health fund. There is the possibility of getting more in-depth imaging.

The hospital does not refer to CT after a minor accident, for example. In the case of a neck injured person, who will return to the hospital and may need a CT neck, a disc ball may be discovered that will increase the amount of compensation directly. creation. If referred to the AMI, a more expensive and in-depth examination, it may reveal a meniscus rupture or a tear in the knee ligaments that will increase compensation. So does a tendon rupture: it is only diagnosed with a US test.

is there a Fear of dismissing the lawsuit prematurely?

yes. Because if the pain continues to increase after settling the case, and only afterwards has the medical finding, which existed before, been discovered, a problem will arise.

what to do after an accident in israel? the details needed,

1. License plate number of the offending vehicle or vehicle involved.

2. Photograph of a vehicle insurance certificate and the driver’s name, including social security number.

3. It is also worthwhile documenting the occupants of the car involved and photographing the vehicles as they are on the road.

How long after an accident can you claim?

Many attorneys will talk about the custom of claiming after a year that then the medical condition stabilise, but it can also be submitted much earlier that there is incubation time in the court until the file actually sees a judge.  

How soon should an accident be reported?

You should do this as soon as possible, within days, and only after consulting with an attorney.

how much compensation?

The Compensation system in Israel for a car accident depends on the nature of the injury and the loss of income. If the injury is severe, the disability percentages will be determined by a medical specialist in the orthopedic, neurological and so on. Based on his opinion, the answers to some clarification questions he will give or the answers while cross-examination will determine the sum of compensation. The calculation will be done according to the following damage heads:


The injury

The examination in a hospital is not always in-depth. Later in the KUPAT HOLIM if the pain persists you should ask for better imaging. The US, bone mapping and even US can fully damage the body before negotiations with the insurance company.


Pain and suffering

Here, the amount depends on the nature of the injury, disability, age, and number of days of hospitalization. If there is no disability, it refers mainly to the number of physiotherapy treatments and the number of days of absency.


A pregnancy accident should receive maximum compensation for those who do not have a disability. Rib fractures that do not leave a disability will also result in maximum compensation. In both cases, this amounts to about NIS 20,000. A pregnant woman is usually hospitalized and the stay of a night justifies such compensation.


Loss of Income

loss of income due to a car accident will be measured upon approval from the employer and the doctor. Self-employed will vote on monthly VAT reports and annual tax reports.


In the accident on the way to work, both the National Insurance Institute and the insurance company are sued. Social Security will compensate fairly quickly. On the other hand, a decision by the National Insurance Institute Committee will also require a lawsuit against the insurance company in court. What’s wrong with that? The Social Security Committees are too strict. Especially in spinal cord injuries. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consult in any case with regard to scheduling – whoever sues first.

Future loss of earning 

The result is obtained by multiplying the disability percentages by the monthly income level (and by a minor, by the average wage in the economy) and by the number of years until retirement. In minors, according to the average salary in the economy, those who are injured as a student by the salary of the intended profession. The result adds 12.5% for pension losses. The retirement age varies. For self-employed, the court tends to do the calculation by age 70.

Caregiver cost

A caregiver costs money and here’s a reimbursement of expenses for helping with household chores, showering, dressing, cleaning and cooking. Even when there is no need for full-time nursing, you can get reimbursed for payments made to the housekeeper. If the plaintiff is single, family members cannot be helped and that means. In the case of injury to our hands we claim more shipments and deliveries incur a regular monthly expense. When the disability is complete, and the dependency on a nursing practitioner is absolute, the Excelrod PSA is set at NIS 13,500 per month.

xpenditure by receipts

Medical expenses are all paid by the insurance company. It is better to pay MDA directly and present a receipt for reimbursement. Medical expenses such as treatments, aids such as orthopedics, medicines and out-of-hospital care. When disability is difficult, there will be housing adjustment expenses, expansion of mobility doorways with wheelchairs indoors, air conditioning operating expenses for regulating temps at For example, spinal cord injuries, as well as laundry and drying appointments for casualties with no control over brackets, which will incur travel expenses for the injured person to visit physicians throughout his life.



Scars require a refund for make-up expenses and makeup removers. This is not a small amount because the fixed monthly expenditure multiplies in the months and years left to live and the amount is skyrocketing. Longer clothing expenses, makeup expenses and makeup study may also be required. If the scar is daunting it can be argued that the external appearance is the business card of every person.


How long will it take to obtain compensation money?

The expert will usually be appointed within 3-5 months of the claim being submitted, the examination will be conducted within 30-60 days and the opinion will be issued, if paid, within two months thereafter. The expert will assess the disability and detail the functional and medical needs of the court. Clarification questions can be sent to him or questioned at the court. Clarification answers will be given usually within a month and for an interrogation we will wait for several months. Of course, a claim negotiation can be completed in a matter of weeks.

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